We are loving life raising AKC German Shepherds, goats, hens, dogs, and cats. Their is lots to love here on Lots2LoveFarm!

Puppies will be born in Aug. 2012 we are accepting deposits for this litter!! call 931-787-0768  Mom and Dad are family pets and are loved daily by our family of 10. We have great loving dogs who come from great lines.  Koda is from kraftwerk working line. Misty is from a showline and a descendent from pups that were on the cover of GSD magazine! Their pedigrees are available on Pedigree database. These are top notch pups and great family dogs. Previous litter pups are Search and Rescue and training to show and compete. Others are bringing much happiness as they are loving, serving and protecting their families well.  We love German Shepherds and want others to have the opportunity to do so also!!

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Koda Hersam Vom Windigen Hugel Werk

Koda is a great sire and family member. He is very loving to his love, Misty, and loves laying and playing with the puppys. He is great with children and adults as well as other animals. He loves to play fetch.

Misty Magnolia Hersam Of Levy - DAM

Misty is a beautiful Girl with her multi-colors and her loving personality. She is a wonderful mother and great love to Koda. She loves to play and groom. She is fun loving






Puppies  - previous litters                                                     

We take great pride in raising our AKC German Shepherd Puppies. The parents are loved pets and we want others to have the opportunity to have loving family protectors and friends. Are dogs are great with our 8 children and our other cats and dogs, goats, chickens, etc.  We love them from before they are  born and make sure mom has great care. Upon their arrival they are nursed by mom and we make sure to start the bonding between men, women, children, and other pets early on. As they are old enough they will be checked over by the vet and be given their first shots. They of course will also come with their puppy AKC papers. We then count on the buyer to continue their vaccinations, training and registration. 


We have many who are wanting puppies. At this time we are taking reservations for 7 puppies. If you are interested please see the contract and sign up sheet.  We are asking $700 limited 900 full akc papers a puppy and up depending on drive and if you would like breeding rights. . If you reserve one you will be given the pick in the order of your sign up and the deposit paid. We ask $200 non-refundable deposit and then the other money at pick up. You may also pay in full below or place your deposit  using our paypal link below.




RESERVATION Puppy Contract


          Purchase Agreement

Before this dog can be purchased, you must fill out the information below. Fields marked with a * are required.

* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Address 1:
Address 2:
* City:
* State:
* Zip Code:
* Country:
* Phone Number:
Phone Number:
* Email Address:

The following information is a description of the dog that is being purchased by the buyer.
Breed:German Shepherd
Date of Birth:
Sired by:
Out of:
Sex: Male/ Female
Purchase Price:
$USD 700.00 limited breeding
$USD 900.00 Full breeding
* Deposit or
Payment in Full?
DEPOSIT $________ Remaining $________
* Payment Method:
If paying by check, buyer acknowledges that purchase agreement is not valid until the funds have cleared
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The following representations and conditions which have been initialed by Seller and Buyer apply to the sale of the aforementioned dog:
* Buyer
A) Buyer may, within 72 hours of receiving the dog into his/her possession, return the dog to seller in the same condition delivered, without question. Purchase price of dog will not be returned to the Buyer..
* Buyer

B)The Seller guarantees that the puppy is free of hereditary defects to the best of his/her knowledge. The Seller does not assume any additional liability for possible genetic defects in the puppy, and will under no circumstances be responsible for veterinary bills resulting from any such condition. As of the date of delivery, the puppy/dog is in good health and free from communicable diseases. If within 24 hrs a vet examines the puppy and finds it to be of serious illness that is untreatable then puppy may be returned for purchase price.

* Buyer
C) All dogs will be sold with limited registration unless buyer requests otherwise plus a additional $250 for full registration
* Buyer
D) Buyer is aware that if the deposit is for a puppy not yet born it is possible that there may not be one available due to circumstances beyond the seller's control, i.e. female did not conceive, not enough puppies were born etc. Seller will notify Buyer when it is known that a puppy is not available. The deposit is non-refundable, Buyer will select a puppy from another breeding of their choice, depending on availability
* Buyer

E) At time of delivery Buyer assumes full liability for the Dog and it's actions. The Seller releases all responsibilities to the Buyer and makes no written or expressed warranties for the future handling of the Dog. Buyer must continue with shots and loving care of their new Dog. If at any time seller finds the Buyer to be treating the dog with negligence the seller has the right to involve authorities to remove dog or take dog back with no refund of monies paid.Puppy may not be resold at any time without Lots2lovefarm permission. We will rehome puppy or dog if owner is no longer able to keep puppy/dog if he is in good health. If puppy/dog is not in good health we will take and try to return the puppy/dog to good health at the puppy/dog owners expense.

We hereby agree to the terms and conditions of this purchase agreement as legally binding on this the_____  day of ________, 2012 .


______________________ BUYER (signature)

 ______________________Buyer (print) 


_______________________SELLER (signature)

_______________________Seller (print)




 We thank you for purchasing your German Shepherd with us and encourage you to register and keep your dog happy and he/she will keep you happy :)
Training and socialization are encouraged !
Feel free to email Lots2lovefarm@aol.com or text/call 931-787-0768 with any pictures or information you would like to share.
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1. Monica Gentry - Male







 Please jot me a email at Lots2lovefarm@aol.com or add a message to your paypal so that I know who you are, how to contact you and please let me know how you would like to receive your weekly updated pictures of the puppies once they are born.
Thanks - Becky
 We take paypal, moneygram from walmart and of course cash. On some occasions we will take a personal check if can be verified that funds are available.
**We will ship to you in the United States, however there will be additonal charges usually is about $500 to ship per pup** depending on price of shipping kennel, health certs etc.